St. George's Fellowship Center
St. George's Fellowship Center   330.666.7132    Located in Akron, Ohio, St. George's Fellowship Center provides catering and banquet services for weddings, private parties, and corporate events.   St. George Fellowship Centre and St. George Family Center are located at 3204 Ridgewood Rd in Akron, Ohio. Quality food has been literally pouring out of its kitchens for over 20 years. Weddings, funerals, parties, banquets, shows, fundraisers, any type of event; St. George's has hosted them all.   The Fellowship Centre was completely remodeled in January, 2004. It is fully carpeted with a parquet hardwood dance floor. Seating capacity is 380 at round tables.   The Brand New Family Center opened in September, 2011. It also has a hardwood dance floor with a seating capacity of 430. Both halls are set with white or ivory linen tablecloths, your choice of 20 napkin colors, china and silverware.   Centerpieces are available to rent or you can bring your own. St. George Fellowship Centre and St. George Family Center provide flexibility, quality service, and great food to make your event special. Remember - We serve Good Food, not banquet food.

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