Willowdale Lake Country Club
Willowdale Lake Country Club   330.323.8831     Located in North Canton, Ohio, Willowdale Lake Country Club provides catering and banquet services for weddings, private parties, and corporate events.   Willowdale Lake Country Club provides the surroundings to make your dream wedding come to life. You will be entranced by everything from the 65 acres of beautiful lake scenery accompanied by a peninsula gazebo to the elegant 200 seat tudor-style gathering hall with an oversized fireplace. Willowdale Lake will create that fairy tale setting you have always dreamed of.   Our beautiful 200 seat tudor style hall will provide the elegant atmosphere for your wedding reception. As your guests arrive, the large fireplace will bring a sense of home to eveyone who enters. With the scenic view added in, the Willowdale Lake Country Club hall will take your breath away.

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