Q. How early do you set up and is that included in your playing time?
A. We usually arrive an hour before our playing time. This allows us to coordinate and confirm events and times with the hall, photographer, etc. If necessary we will make arrangements to set up earlier if it conflicts with the arrival of your guests. Set up and break down time does not affect contracted play time.

Q. What if I want a song you don't have?
A. It's our policy we have every song the clients requests prior to their event.

Q. Can you provide ceremony music?
A. Yes.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We have been in business and incorporated since 1999.

Q. What is your standard life of contract?
A. All of our packages are based on five hours. We do not count setup and breakdown as part of your five hours.

Q. How loud do you play your music?
A. Background and dinner music are played just below talking level. We ensure this by doing multiple sound checks throughout the night. Event and dance music is played just above talking level, so you can feel the beat on the dance floor and still have great conversation off the floor.

Q. What if we do not want certain songs played at our reception?
A. You can designate do-not-play songs within our online planning system.

Q. Can we extend the playing time?
A. Absolutely. You can keep us as long as you have the facility.

Q. Should we include the DJs for dinner?
A. Including the DJs for dinner is a courtesy, not a necessity, but is appreciated.

Q. Do you have backup equipment?
A. Yes. All of our systems include back-up equipment built into the system. In the unlikely event that we have a problem, there is also an on-call DJ team and system.

Q. What do you wear?
A. We dress professionally in tuxedos provided by American Commodore. We always keep up on the current styles, as our specific tuxedo style changes about every 18 months. If your event calls for dress other than tuxedos, we adapt and accommodate.