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The Best DJs In Ohio!

nOT just an event, an experience.

Our Strategy

event coordination, crowd-reading, music knowledge and adaptation

We use two DJs at every event: a lead DJ and an assistant DJ. We believe your event should be personal, epic and talked about for years to come.

The Crew DJs go through intense and extensive training to learn skill sets in the areas of event/vendor coordination, timeline management, public speaking, crowd-reading, music knowledge and adaptation.

We consistently deliver phenomenal events for 300+ clients per year.

Other wedding day services include:

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Event Coordination

We run the night for you. From the entrance to the toasts, we make sure even the smallest detail is handled. That way you can enjoy your time with your friends and family, and your night will be smooth and stress-free.
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Think of your reception this way: It is the biggest party you are ever going to throw and you are the star. We will create an energetic and fun atmosphere. Your guests will feel comfortable and ready to have a great time. This is accomplished not only through microphone presence, but also setting the tone with the right music.
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Music Adaption

We know that you are not going to have the same dance floor at the beginning of the night as you do at the end. That’s why we dj moment-to-moment, constantly reading and adapting to your crowd. We train our DJs in not only music knowledge, but intelligent flow and transition. Your reception is a unique blend of your families and friends.
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The Crew Experience

Your reception shouldn’t be just an event, it should be an experience.

Learn how we can make the vision of what you want for your wedding a reality. You will have everything that we do as DJs, now further enhance your reception with breathtaking uplighting, fun photobooths, and even your names in lights.

The Best DJs In Ohio!

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